Projects, Presentations and Publications by Marcel Schmittfull

(see also JavaPsi)

Essay on non-Gaussianity in Cosmology (for Part III Mathematics, Cambridge)

2007 (19-20 years old)
Existence and uniqueness of solutions of differential equations (Picard-Lindeloef-Theorem)
Scriptum of presentation at Proseminar Analysis I
Physics Labs
Protocols I
Protocols II
presentation (Sommerakademie Salem)

2006 (18-19 years old)
Simulation of a quantum computer and experimental realizations
Quantum computer simulation simulation
research paper (Jugend forscht)
pdf presentation
Pressure measurement in a PVC-hose
(research paper still offline because of ongoing patent application)

2005 (17-18 years old)
Simulation of water in a rotating cylinder using the Navier-Stokes equations
Bottle simulation
research paper (Jugend forscht)
Physics of ventriloquism (Bauchreden)
ventriloquism exhibition stand research paper (German) (Jugend forscht, EUCYS)
Joerg Metzner and me at EUCYS 2005 in Moscow
Joerg Metzner, Marcel Schmittfull, Karl Schnell: Modellhafte Nachbildung und Analyse der Ersatzlaute eines Bauchredners. Deutsche Jahrestagung für Akustik DAGA 2005, München. (PDF)

Joerg Metzner, Marcel Schmittfull, Karl Schnell: Substitute Sounds for Ventriloquism and Speech Disorders. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (Interspeech 2006 - ICSLP) pp. 1379-1382. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA. (PDF)
National mathematics competition BWM
solutions, Facharbeit (for German Abitur)

2004 (16-17 years old)
National computer science competition BWInf solutions
National mathematics competition BWM solutions

2003 (15-16 years old)
JavaPsi (Java quantum mechanics simulation)
JavaPsi...please wait homepage including simulations
research paper (German, figures) (Jugend forscht, ISEF)
National computer science competition BWInf solutions
National mathematics competition IMO solutions

2002 (14-15 years old)
Japtik Java Optics (Java Applets simulating geometrical optics)
Japtik homepage
research paper 1 (physics, Schueler Experimentieren/Jugend forscht)
research paper 2 (programming)
National physics competition IPhO
solutions 1
solutions 2 (other participations not computer-written)